When a refund of the current network credit to your IBAN or Paypal account is desired, please submit a request for refund through this page.

When the request has been received and all fields in the form are completed correctly, please allow up to 14 days for a refund to be processed to your IBAN or Paypal account.

This happens after submitting a request to return the network credit

  • Your network credit is refunded to the specified IBAN or Paypal account. The administrative fee will be deducted first.

Questions? Complete the contact form on the contactpage.

You must agree with the terms and conditions of refund, before the instruction for restitution can be initiated.

Conditions of refund

Refund of the network credit can only be executed under the following conditions:

  • - Untill 30 days after your relationship with our university ends.
  • - Due to the administrative fee, a network credit less than 2,50 Euro is non-refundable.