Terms & Conditions

Conditions of use of Xafax NetPay® balance



NetPay balance: The prepaid amount stored in the end-user’s Xafax NetPay account, part or all of which the end-user can use via the connection to pay for available services.

Connection: Access to the end-user’s NetPay account, permitting payment for services made available by UvA-HvA.

Service: Use of multifunctional printers and vending machines made available to end-users by UvA-HvA.

End-user: A natural person who uses or requests a service, other than for commercial or professional purposes.

Order: An order to pay for the use of a multifunctional printer or vending machine, or any other facilities to be made available at a later date.


Initiation of the agreement for use of a Xafax NetPay connection

The agreement is effectuated the first time use is made of the Xafax NetPay connection.


Duration, use and termination of the agreement

  • The agreement is in principle valid for an indefinite time, and comes into effect when the first payment is made into the end-user’s NetPay account.
  • The end-user can use the NetPay balance to pay for an order, as long as the sum payable does not exceed the balance.
  • UvA-HvA is under no obligation to execute an order if the end-user’s NetPay balance is not sufficient to pay for it. Nor is UvA-HvA under any obligation to execute part of the requested service that could be paid for by the existing NetPay.
  • The end-user is entitled to terminate the agreement and close the NetPay account at the end of his or her studies at UvA-HvA or employment by UvA-HvA, and may then request reimbursement of the remaining NetPay balance, as long as this is greater than EUR 2.50. Requests for reimbursement should be submitted to this website.
  • The terms and conditions for the use of the NetPay balance may be modified by UvA-HvA. At least four weeks’ notice of such modifications must be given.
  • Termination of the Xafax NetPay connection also terminates all agreement relating to the available services.



  • The NetPay balance can only be used to pay for services designated by UvA-HvA.
  • UvA-HvA will offer end-users with a Xafax NetPay connection one or more ways of topping up their NetPay balance. UvA-HvA may stipulate the amounts by which the NetPay balance can be topped up, and may change these amounts in future.
  • UvA-HvA will take due care to avoid errors in topping up or transfers from NetPay balances. If such errors do nevertheless occur, UvA-HvA is entitled to correct them.
  • Payment for services is made exclusively by debiting the required amount to the NetPay balance.
  • Complaints about debited amounts must be E-mailed to UvA-HvA, within 14 days of the order in question. UvA-HvA will accept complaints submitted after this period if there are good reasons why they could not be submitted in time. Submission of a complaint does not remove the obligation to pay for services rendered.
  • UvA-HvA may charge the administrative costs of investigations of complaints concerning payments, if an end-user makes repeated complaints concerning payments if these complaints turn out to be ungrounded and the end-user still persists in these complaints.



  • Xafax never passes end-users’ personal data on to third parties.
  • UvA-HvA does not have access to your balance and transaction history on the myNetPay website.